Doves of Peace

Dear friends! War is in Donbass, the war is in Donetsk! But we, blacksmiths, always think about peace and creation. Pigeon has long been a symbol of peace. We ask you to help bring peace to our land. Send us in Forged Figures Park forged your pigeons. Let them fly in from around the world and landed in our unique park in Donetsk.   The address to send «Doves of Peace»: The Company Visage Of Distribution, Lyvarskaya str., 2A, 04073...

Creative theme of the festival

Well-known events, that were connected with Donbass and had started in spring in 2014th, made great part of donbass people thinking about peace. For peaceable Donbass peacefull sky above the heads was always a habitual thing. But in 2014th great great number of citizens of region understood, that peace is very important worth. Blacksmiths in their works often talk about love, friendship, peace. This year peace is as relevant as ever. And as a creative theme of the festival offered...

Welcome to the «Avenue of masters»!

After the festival of blacksmith art "Forged Figures Park" gained popularity among both visitors and residents of Donetsk, other crafts masters decided to join this event. Craftsmen have gradually increased their numbers at the festival, and in 2011 at the XIII International Festival of blacksmith art "Forged Figures Park" the first exhibition Hand Made "Avenue of masters" happened. Exhibition at the festival in 2012 attracted the attention of even more talented artisans. It also did not escape the attention of viewers and participants of blacksmith festival.

The contacts

Executive Project Director of the Forged Figures Park® Eugene Lavrinenko +38 050 971 0013 Administrator of the contest «Rock-smithy» Ksenia Koriagina +38 099 024 8503

Rock-smithy V (the fifth)

Organizers of the XVI International Festival of blacksmith art «Forged Figures Park» invite music groups to take part in the «Rock-smithy V». The final of the project will take place on 21 September 2014.

You are welcome to become a co-sponsor!

Citizens of Donetsk love their city . Proud of it, the townspeople wish Donetsk was even more beautiful! There is one pretty sight in our city, about which the citizens tell visitors with great pleasure. Unique (the only such in the whole world), romantic and famous Forged Figures Park®. By the way, it is the most visited place in Donetsk and one of the creative pearls of Ukraine! Every year hundreds of talented and famous blacksmiths come to our hospitable...

Master Classes

The festival organizers consider applications of blacksmiths for carrying out master classes in program of the XVI international festival Forged Figures Park. Applications should be sent in any form, indicating the essence of the master class and contacts blacksmith.


September 16 in test mode will start working the site of XVI International Festival of blacksmithing skill Forged Figures Park®. Appeal to the partners and sponsors.

International Festival of blacksmithing skill Forged Figures Park®.

                            Donetsk city council, Donbass Guild of Blacksmiths, Creative Union «Blacksmiths and masters of the art of metal of Ukraine» invite everyone to Donetsk on September 20, 2014 to the XVI International Festival of blacksmithing skill Forged Figures Park®.   The festival program includes: — Blacksmith costume contest; — Competition «Forge Kitchen»; — Blacksmith\’s wedding ceremony.   General partner — Ukrainian blacksmithing enterprise «Gefest» («Hephaestus»). Official Sponsor...